Grassroots development refers to the efforts made to promote and improve the quality of football at the local level. This can include efforts to increase participation in the sport, improve the quality of coaching and player development, and increase the accessibility of the sport to underserved communities. Grassroots development often focuses on youth participation and is often supported by national and international football governing bodies, such as FIFA and UEFA. These organizations may provide funding and support for grassroots development programs, such as coaching courses and player development initiatives. Grassroots football development can also involve partnerships with local organizations, such as schools and community centers, to provide facilities and resources for training and playing the sport. This can help to increase the availability and accessibility of the sport, particularly in underserved or disadvantaged communities. Overall, the goal of grassroots football development is to improve the quality and accessibility of the sport at the local level and to promote the growth and development of the sport in communities around the world.


zlait Sports Management is a strategic sports advisory that helps athletes, teams, businesses & enthusiasts chart their sporting paths. We are committed to the holistic development of sports in India through its commercial, marketing & technical endeavors. We provide support to individuals interested in the sports industry, as well as support to sports teams and organizations looking to improve their performance.


It involves managing the reputation and communication of a sports organization or athlete. This can include creating and disseminating press releases, coordinating media interviews, managing social media accounts, and interacting with fans. It may also involve crisis management, such as handling negative media coverage or addressing controversial issues. We often work for sports teams, leagues, or individual athletes, and may also work for agencies that represent multiple clients. We have a strong understanding of the sports industry and are skilled in communications, media relations, and social media.


Our CSR activities include initiatives related to sustainability, community engagement, diversity and inclusion, and charitable giving involving local communities, clients, suppliers, employees & stakeholders. We engage with local communities through initiatives such as hosting charity events, and camps and partnering with local organizations to support community development projects